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Calling for the "promotion and valorization of each other's cultural and creative industries," Mattarella said "these dynamics must be facilitated, so they can realize their enormous potential.""A trade war must have a internecine result," the banker said. His bank, with 36 billion U.S. dollars of assets, was listed by the Forbes in January as one of the top five on the annual list of America's Best Banks 2018.HARARE, March 31 (Xinhua) -- Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa said Saturday his country is seeking deeper economic ties with China to leapfrog its economy battered by years of Western sanctions.

The places Akkoc visited are "adorned with Uygur culture" and he "didn't see any pressure.""Three to five years ago, British newspapers were criticizing China for investing in infrastructure. Now most economists recognize you cannot have long-term, even medium-term growth without investment in infrastructure," Perry said."African Countries should be thankful for this because China is sharing its experiences, sending its own medical personnel here to be able to help with this pandemic, and this might have contributed in a big way why Africa is having fewer infections than other continents and fewer deaths than others," he added."The fact that the SCO member states are ready to provide assistance, including military assistance, to fight terrorism, separatism and extremism sobered the 'hot' heads of foreign strategists."


Brown, who was Britain's treasury secretary from 1997 to 2007, understands well how important it is to maintain continuous growth."This marked a profoundly significant step for China and Russia in pursuing the Belt and Road Initiative," Li said.Chinese ambassador to the Philippines Zhao Jianhua speaks during an interview with Xinhua in Manila, the Philippines, on Nov. 15, 2018. (Xinhua/Zheng Xin)就在新股发行申请被否率居高不下之时,保荐机构之间的竞争差距也悄然拉开了。This May, it wrapped up its 12th tour to China, which was also aimed at marking the four-decade milestone in U.S.-China diplomatic relations.

Fouda said that the hotel occupancy in the city reached 50 percent.Noting that the two countries established the high-level people-to-people exchanges mechanism last year, Singh said such mechanisms help promote mutual understanding between the two peoples, which will in turn lead to greater people-to-people exchanges.

"U.S. will face resistance from European allies and also from its citizens and Trump can not continue the trade war for a long time," a leading Bangladeshi legal economist MS Siddiqui said.Meanwhile, China's promotion of sustainable development, dedication to the Paris climate accord, and implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative will have a great positive influence internationally, she added.

"We consider that the cooperation can benefit Greece and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, including those who are not yet members of the EU, thus contributing to regional stability, security and development," he added.Speaking of the upcoming CIIE, the ambassador listed several specialty products the Caribbean country will present to the Chinese market. One item is blue amber, which is unique to the Dominican Republic and popular among Chinese consumers. Quite a few Chinese e-commerce platforms have started to sell it, according to Zhang.


"The Mongolian economic growth is forecast to reach 6.4 percent this year and 6.1 percent next year," Lommen told Xinhua in a recent interview.The Iranian government has given necessary instructions to the executive bodies of the country since a couple of months ago, and "the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran has also received orders to deal with the possible U.S. withdrawal from the nuclear deal," he said."We agreed on Sunday to solve all the regional issues through dialogue," he noted.

"We need to set rules to agree on arbitrators specialized in those fields, the mediators, a joint board of trustees or a board of directors, and a secretary general in Lebanon and China," he said.Egypt is a favorable attraction to hundreds of thousands of Chinese tourists each year for its historical sites and sunny sandy beaches.Xi's visit, said the ambassador, will add fuel to the "Mandarin fever" in Italy and help reinforce public support for further deepening political ties between the two countries.

The minister said there would be six stations along the Bangkok-Nakhon Ratchasima high-speed railway, or the the first phase, among them Pak Chong station would be very likely one station for the railroad.Russian President Vladimir Putin also sent a condolence message to his Iranian counterpart Rouhani over the crash, the Kremlin said Sunday.



by Xinhua writers Xiong Maoling, Gao PanAn open Chinese market is strongly attracting multinational companies, he said.Responding to the question that could Bryson be replaced by a story-writing robot, the author said: "I just think there isn't anything that my brain does, that it does so well, that an artificial intelligence couldn't duplicate. So could I be replaced? Yes. I mean I don't look forward to the day. I'm not urging this to happen, but I think there's a real possibility where virtually all of us could be replaced by a robot that could do the jobs that we do."

LAUSANNE, Feb. 5 (Xinhua) -- The Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland took on a different look on Monday with Chinese Spring Festival-themed couplets hung on its front gate and red lanterns in its atrium.In formulating the main objectives of economic cooperation, Denisov believes that all participants should act in line with the common interests of the SCO.

Han viewed the current trade friction as a war of nerves, not an actual launch of a trade war. But he noted that in the worst-case scenario, the United States could, wittingly or unwittingly, be drawn into a phase of trade war that would bring chaos to the global economy.Ali urged Iraq to follow the example of China which depends on its human resources actively, by launching campaigns of awareness to educate the farmers and teaching them to use both traditional and modern technologies to achieve such miracle of combating desertification that gained global admiration for China.

But most Americans do not necessarily understand the transformation of China, he pointed out, while recalling his months-long stay with a family of five in China's Fujian province in the 1990s.Liu said thanks to the enhanced dovetailing of their respective development strategies and the mutually beneficial cooperation in a vast areas including finance, investment, trade and energy, China and Britain have laid solid foundation for their cooperation on Belt and Road."It's very special to me. Just watching beach handball at an Olympic Games gives me goosebumps. It's a dream for all of us who play this sport. Helping these young athletes, who are the future, is something incredible," Pires said. "It's a first step towards being among the sports included at the Paris 2024 senior Games."

Since 2010, naval forces of Iran and Oman have held several joint rescue drills off the coast of their waters."Turkmenistan and China are reliable strategic partners. This is a well-known fact," said the ambassador, stressing Turkmenistan's readiness to promote productive cooperation with China in the future."It looks just like influenza. And so this was influenza season and nobody noticed that we had a new virus. So the virus got here much earlier than we knew," he said, adding that "the real problem is moving forward and doing our best to keep it down as much as possible."According to him, it has been discussed for several years that media outlets from the BRICS countries could create a joint news stream.Lyu believed that mutual trust and understandings of China and Thailand have been enhanced in railway cooperation.

by Xinhua writers Liu Chen, Hu YousongIt is worth noting that Iran has recently withdrawn from parts of its obligations under the deal."If China's experience and lessons are shared with the international society, it will contribute to prevailing over the COVID-19 outbreak early," Lee Hee-ok, a professor of political science at Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul, told Xinhua ahead of a Group of 20 (G20) video conference on Thursday.

"It is something no one wants to be left out of," he remarked.Peru's delegation to the fair will include representatives of the country's main export guilds as well as 16 companies "that will take the best of our foods," said Valencia.In January, at the second ministerial meeting of the China-CELAC (Community of Latin American and Caribbean States) Forum held in Santiago, Chile, Ecuador expressed an interest in participating in the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative to boost global trade and infrastructure, the diplomat said.

Huff, who will make his 19th visit to China this month, said he is focusing on economic cooperation, which is a firm foundation for the bilateral ties.The data to be extracted from the black box will help "significantly" to the investigation process, he said.

"Being founding members of the EU and partners of Washington doesn't mean avoiding strategic opportunities for our enterprises," he said. "A good ally should understand that." EnditemThe Iranian national soccer team will open their campaign with a match against Yemen on Jan. 7 in Abu Dhabi."The confirmation of this ... is in our NATO membership and the phases that we are successfully passing through (to join) the European Union," he said.

Iran will take on Japan in its first semifinal appearance since 2004 as they continue the quest to secure a first AFC Asian Cup title since the last of the country's three consecutive crowns was won back in 1976.Only by more communication can we avoid "oversimplify" the image of each other, Li said.

On how to further push the mutually beneficial cooperation between China and Germany in the future, Shi believed the two sides should promote pragmatic cooperation in at least three areas -- in further opening up to each other, strengthening cooperation in science and technology, and exploring new areas of cooperation.TEHRAN, Aug. 5 (Xinhua) -- Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) confirmed on Sunday that it held a military drill in the Gulf this week with the aim of securing the strategic waterway and deterring potential threats posed by the enemies, state TV reported.

"So the floating hotels, the big cruise liners, solve the problem."Gautier, who chairs the Association of Asia Pacific Performing Arts Centers, noted that regionally speaking, China has a big influence on Australia. "The second most spoken language in this country is Mandarin... And the interdependence of the two countries is very evident."A group of 100 U.S. academics, diplomats, military and business experts signed an open letter published earlier this month, saying that branding China an enemy was counterproductive and calling on Washington to reexamine its policy toward China."Iran has nothing to gain by withdrawing from the agreement reached in Vienna. Calling the agreement into question would only serve to fuel already heightened tensions in the region," the ministry's spokeswoman, Agnes von der Muhll, told reporters.


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